Oranges and Cream Bath Bombs

Oranges and Cream Bath Bombs

I’m not sure who first decided to combine the flavors of Oranges and Cream, but, man . . . it was a great idea.  From the classic Creamsicle to delicious Chantilly Orange Cream, this is a classic flavor combo that’s hard to beat.  But what if you could take all the DELICIOUS colors and scents of a rich, citrusy orange, as well as the beauty of thick, rich cream and put them into something CALORIE FREE?  Um, where is the paper?  I’m pretty sure my hand is going to cause a rebellion if it doesn’t get to sign up.

Oranges and Cream Bath Bombs combine the best of both worlds– the delicious, fragrant scents of oranges and cream, with the pampering, velvety qualities of a luxury spa.  You can whip these babies up for beautiful gifts, or just make some, yourself, for a refreshing and relaxing end to a stressful day.  The best part is that they are absolutely, 100% calorie free 😉  This is one treat that you can enjoy as often as you like!  🙂

What are we waiting for?  Let’s do this!

Oranges and Cream Bath Bombs

(My own adaptation based on multiple recipes that I tried– feel free to change it up and switch it up, but please link back here so no one steals my work ?


— 1/2 cups baking soda

— 1/4 cup Epsom salts

— 1/4 cup cornstarch

— 1/4 cup citric acid (I found the cheapest place to get this was on Amazon here.  I chose to get the 5 lb. bag because 1 lb. was $10, and for only $5 more I got 5x the citric acid, so I went the bulk route.  But there are smaller containers if you want a smaller amount.)

— 1 1/2 tbsp. unscented baby oil and 5-6 drops orange and cupcake soap scents. I used separate “scents” on each side of the bath bomb) from P&J Trading here.  They have a huge variety of scents at an affordable price (about $2.50 per bottle), as well as excellent customer service.  You can mix and match scents to create your own combos, too, which is super fun!

— A few squirts of water from a spray bottle (if you add too much water it ruins the bath bombs, so applying the water with a spray bottle helps you to add water in tiny amounts)

— Gloves (optional) and bath bomb molds (I found cheapie plastic molds at Hobby Lobby for $1.50, but I had much better luck with the metal ones from Amazon here, for about $13, if you want to make Bath Bombs multiple times.  I just found that the metal circles held up better in the long run.).


Combine baking soda, Epsom salts, cornstarch, and citric acid until well combined.  Add in baby oil and scent, if desired, and use your hands (using gloves keeps your hands from getting a gritty feeling) to mix the oil and dry ingredients together. Using a spray bottle, add water several squirts at a time, mixing well after each addition, until your mixture can hold a shape when you “squeeze” it in your palm.  Place your “sand” mixture into each side of the round molds and squish the rounds together, without twisting.  Gently remove half of the mold, and then place the circle in your hand and gently lift off the remaining mold.  Place the finished bath bomb onto a soft towel covered with a piece of wax paper, to keep it from denting while it dries.  Allow bath bombs to rest, without touching each other, for 24 hours until completely dry.  Carefully package in airtight bags so that the bath bombs stay dry until “tub time.”  ?  Bath bombs will keep in an airtight container for several months.

Now, in pictures!


Bath bombs are awesome.  They are kind of like the unassuming little kid who steps to the karate floor and then decimates the competition.  They are the sweet, little old lady who smiles and then does a split on TV.  They are the station wagon that manages to hold the dog, your 5 kids, several strollers, and a huge picnic basket, without even breathing hard.  They seem simple, but they are dressed to impress.  You can make these little guys from everyday ingredients, and they will fizz like champs and leave your bath water silky smooth and soft.  Your skin will feel pampered, and so will you. Keep some for yourself or package in individual cellophane bags and tie with ribbon for a beautiful gift.  Sigh.  This has got to be bliss 🙂


To start with, mix your dry ingredients, together, with your gloved hands.  If you are doing two separate colors, do 2 recipes (one for each side), and leave each half in a separate bowl.  Add in your baby oil and 4-5 drops of your chosen scent (I added about 5 drops of “cupcake” scent to one half and 5 drops of “orange” scent to the other side). I love the scents from P&J Trading here.  They have a huge variety of scents at an affordable price (about $2.50-$3 per bottle), as well as excellent customer service.  The scents lasted a long time, too, which can be hit or miss in some other brands.  Mix the oil and dry ingredients together with your gloved hands, and then add about 5-8 squirts of water from your spray bottle.  The mixture will start fizzing, but just quickly mix it together with your hands, and the fizzing will stop.  We don’t want the mixture to be wet at all, but it should be just damp enough that it holds a rough, somewhat crumbly shape when you squeeze a ball of it with your hands.


Fill half of your bath bomb mold with the powdered mixture (I found that the metal ones worked much better than the cheapie plastic ones, and I paid about $14 for a set here).  Especially if you intend to make more than a couple of these things, I would suggest getting the better quality molds that will release the bath bomb more easily.  You look better with hair– don’t go pulling your hair out in needless frustration 😉 Once you have filled half the mold, gently press the mixture down– don’t shove it down as hard as you can– that part comes later.  For this, press with about the same pressure that you would use to press a doorbell– just lightly.  Use your thumb to smooth the edge so there is a nice clean metal line and no excess bath bomb mixture over the edges.


Once you have completed this process for both sides, gently press the sides together.  NOW you can really squeeze the heck out of those halves 🙂  Press them together as hard as they will allow, dusting off any excess powder that seeps out the sides.  Removing the BB (Can I just say “BB” for bath bomb?  Come on . . . we’re all friends, here.  You’re not gonna’ make me type that out every time now, are you? 😉 from the mold is the trickiest part. Place the BB in your hand and hit the top (still in the mold) with your other hand.  Smacking the mold helps to release the seal and lets the BB come out a little easier.  Carefully remove the top mold, and then place the “opened” end in your palm and carefully remove the other mold.


As you finish each BB, place them on a soft resting place to dry.  I like to layer mine like this . . . cookie sheet (for stability), a soft, folded towel (so they don’t dent while drying), and then a layer of wax or parchment paper (so the BBs don’t absorb the marks from the towel while drying).  Place each BB carefully on this cozy little nest so that they can dry.  Make sure the BBs don’t touch each other, though, or they will kind of “grow together” while drying.  Eeew.  Creepy.  I love you . . . but don’t touch me, man.  No growey together . . . no, no, no.  (*shudders at mental image of growing together into everyone you love.  Man.  Some people would have a load of fun growing onto themselves, and no one else. hehe).  This analogy keeps getting weirder and weirder.  I must be tired.


Oranges and Cream Bath BombsWhen the beautiful BBs have dried for 24 hours, you can then decide what to do with them.  Give them away to family and friends, or save some for another sweet, deserving person . . . (me, me, me!!!!!).  I packaged mine in cute little clear cellophane bags that I got here (you get about 100 of them for 5 bucks– seemed like the cheapest place I could find them) and then tied with pretty ribbon and a gift tag.  They were so cute and looked and smelled incredible.

Oranges and Cream Bath Bombs

Take your homemade gifts from “Oh . . . a homemade gift.  Thanks . . . (drips sarcasm)” to, “Oh my gosh!  I got this INCREDIBLE gift from (your name here), and I couldn’t BELIEVE that she MADE it!  It was seriously incredible!”  Yes.  You need this in your life.  Save money, make people happy, and recreate a luxury spa at your house.  Yes– the same place where you fold laundry, change diapers, and wonder how a house you JUST cleaned up can already look like a tornado has decided to again make its residence there can also be a spa for you.  Yes.  That space can be RELAXING for you.  Goodness.  YES.  You totally deserve this. Make yourself some gorgeous bath bombs, today, and treat yourself to a BATH.  Without KIDS.  With the DOOR CLOSED.

You need this in your life.

You did it. And I’m just so proud of you.

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