Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds

It’s no secret that I love a good flea market.  OK (deep breath).  Get ALLLLLLL your weak jokes out of the way, now.  Please– go ahead.

You like flea markets?  Do you have fleas????

I see the cops!  FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I like to shop at flea markets, but only to SCRATCH the surface.  haha.  Get it?  Scratching fleas?


Feel better now?  Can we move on? *Withering glance*


Anyway, there is nothing I like better on a Saturday than getting up early and following the rising sun to the land of greatness . . . the land of world conquering mightiness!  *Cue earth-conquering music.

I wear my “This is your lucky day” T-shirt and get ready for some walking.  Yes . . . these boots are made for walkin’!  Oddly enough, I find that I get better deals when I wear my Dixie babe hat.  Yessssss it’s pink.  Yesssss I look absolutely idiotic in it.  Yessssss that’s a horrifying story for another time.  And I’ll share how I happened to get it one of these days, after the embarrassment wears off.


I get to the flea market just as it’s opening . . . and I deeply inhale and smell the greatness.  Well– I don’t inhale too deeply, or I might, like . . . eat a bug or something.  Eeeew.  Until I had a son I never realized that some people actually eat bugs.  (Are toddlers people?  Or just the world’s tiniest dictators?  Well . . . if you also had to change the diapers and fill the sippy cups of said dictator.).

But let’s leave the bug talk and get back to the flea.  (*I demand you stop!  Fleas are bugs! Don’t discriminate!)  Aww– you know what I mean.  Sometimes (OK, ALWAYS) I find weird stuff at the flea market.  There are some pretty colorful characters there, too (even more colorful than I am, with my green shirt, pink hat, and purple purse).  This guy was selling some kind of historical weapons and supposedly Civil War relics.  I don’t know if they were real or not, but they were cool looking.  He got his hopes up when I took a picture, but sadly, I didn’t drop any cash here.  Man– I hope that thing isn’t loaded! 😀


Now THIS.  What in the world is this thing?  I have no idea.  It was sharp, and probably if anyone knows what it is, I’ll see your answer and be like, “DUH!”  But so far I’m just not seeing it.  An eyelash curler for a giant?  Er . . . giantess?  A device to shave the leg hair of a Wooly Mammoth?  I have no idea.


Now this is cool.  I love to quilt (more about that here), and I can just imagine all the fancy quilting this little thimble has done, in its life.  Thimbles are a lot like moms, in a way.  They spend their entire lives pushing through what needs to be done.  😉 And they’re pretty tough, too!


Now, I wasn’t really sure what most of this stuff was, but it looked interesting, so I wanted to take its picture.  Come on . . . I wanted you to FEEL like you were there with me.  So just look at this photo and say, “Hmm.  Wonder what that is?”  Yep.  You’re right there with me.  Let’s move on.


Haha.  That’s . . . all I’m going to say about this one.


This stand was super cool.  Do you know what those are?  These are WEDDING DRESSES.  Yep.  These are brand new wedding dresses for $10 apiece.  I asked the lady about them, and she said that she bid on a storage unit that was abandoned, and when they opened it, the unit was completely filled with racks of wedding dresses.  I actually bought one– just because it was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen.  Maybe someday I will find someone who needs it.  It felt kind of weird when I handed over my 10 bucks and everyone was wishing me “happy wedding,” while I was looking awkwardly at my wedding ring.  haha.  One guy even told me he was “the perfect catch,” and another lady told me, “Don’t worry, honey– the right one will come along.”  I don’t know what it is about weddings that makes strangers suddenly friendly and talkative, but it’s kind of nice.  It’s like at Christmas when suddenly the world suddenly seems to declare a truce and be a little less rude to others.  I kind of wish it would last.

But I digress . . .

Let’s keep going.  Oh– you wanted a wedding dress, too?  Don’t worry.  I’ll wait.  Apparently that guy over there is the perfect catch, so you might want to check him out, too.  Hehe. 😉


Oooooh I love me some quilts!  This one claimed to be Amish made from Pennsylvania.  But I didn’t really care for the color scheme, and it was a couple hundred dollars (does anyone carry that around in cash?!?), so I had to leave it behind.

There is also a sweet old lady who sells her homemade zucchini bread each week.  And I always get some.  But I have no picture of that, because . . . you know.  Munch, munch.  Hey– if you have no evidence, you can’t convict. What bread????


If you ever get to Virginia, you really should take a drive through Front Royal.  Such loveliness– the puffy clouds and the rolling fields and blue, hazy mountains in the distance.  It’s so beautiful.

Come on– I’ll let you wear my Dixie Babe hat.

Because you did it.  And I’m just so proud of you.


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