I Wonder

I Wonder


I wonder if someday, when we walk in the street

Look up and see the sunshine– maybe talk to those we meet:

Will we think how wondrous a thing it is

When someone holds our hand, or we hold his?

Will we laugh and forget those times when we wouldn’t–

When things were so bleak that we honestly couldn’t?

I wonder.

I Wonder

I wonder if we will feel the sun

Shining freely on our faces when the day is done.

Will we revel in its golden rays?

Sit with others as our child plays?

Will we share a bench with someone new?

Sit without fear and maybe visit, too?

I wonder.

I Wonder

I wonder if we will share a meal when we are able,

With all of our loved ones around the table.

Will we treasure their eyes, their smiles, their laughs?

Will we remember to be grateful when we get this back?

I wonder.

I Wonder

I wonder if the thrill of going

To the store, and never guessing, but always knowing

That what we need is there in store:

That there is plenty, and always more.

Will we realize the blessing of plenty, and then,

Share that plenty with someone else again?

I wonder.

I Wonder

Will we hold our children against our breast– nestle their faces against our chest.

Will we feel their warmth, their closeness, their heart?

Will we treasure them truly, after so long apart?

Will we hold those precious faces against our own,

Memorizing each laughter’s tone?

Will we cherish those people until our last day,

Appreciating them much more, with the time away?

I wonder.

I Wonder

Will we realize the preciousness all around?

Will we see the treasures in plain sight waiting to be found?

I wonder.

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