Our Book is Here!

Sunny Days and Sweet Tea is finally here!

It’s been a long road.  We have worked countless hours creating, editing, and designing.  We have skipped meals, tested recipes so many times that we WISHED we could skip meals, and felt like throwing our computers across the room, at times (but don’t worry– we didn’t do that 😉

And here, at last, is the masterpiece.  Making a book takes a surprisingly large amount of work, even if it’s just a short book, as this one is.  I’d like to thank my team, especially my production editor Joshua VanMeter, for all of the hard work and dedication he put into making this happen.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

A few things you should know about the book before you consider purchasing it . . .

  1.  It’s small– about 35 or so pages.  We did this for 2 reasons: to keep costs down (We got the price down to $4.99 this way– otherwise it would have cost $25-$30 per book, and we know you have to buy diapers, for Pete’s sake!), and to make the idea of brunch much less intimidating. This isn’t a collection of millions of recipes.  It’s a good, solid meal plan with recipes, a timeline, and many FAQs and helpful facts about decorating and pulling it off so that even the most novice cook can pull of a Mother’s Day brunch with confidence.
  2. It’s an e-book for Kindle. This means that you can read it with (1) a Kindle, or (2) any mobile device, phone, or tablet, with the free Kindle app.
  3. It has an awesome set of bonus content hidden here on the website (treasure hunt, anyone?), but your eyes can only behold the wonder if you buy the book.  Think of it as a cool bonus for buying, which is exactly what it is.  We wanted to give you a little “extra magic” to say thank you for supporting us in this endeavor and for purchasing a copy.

And now– where can I buy it???

I’m so glad you asked.  You can purchase the book here on Amazon.  I hope you just love it, and that you all make a special, spectacular brunch for your Mamas for Mother’s day.  She deserves it.  Maybe you can even hint to the hubby that YOU also deserve a special Mother’s Day brunch.  Hey– miracles never cease.  Maybe he will pick up on your hint (*cough, cough).

And either way, I think you’ll love the heaping helping of humor, the pretty pictures, and, of course, the bonus content.  At least, I hope so.  Thanks again for all the love and support– I’m just so proud of you.


Think brunch is too hard? My new book makes it easy!  |  Sunny Days and Sweet Tea Southern Brunch Book

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  1. SZ

    Congrats on the book, this time we are so proud of you. My oldest son has been dating a young lady for 3 months now and I hope to use your book when he and his Southern lady first come up north for a visit. Your calm voice and encouragement will be in my ear while your recipes will fill my table. Thank you.

    1. Emilie (Post author)


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