The curtain draws back . . .

The excitement in the air is almost palpable.  The smell of perfume and aftershave waft through the air as well-dressed couples take their seats, evening gowns crinkling as they sit.  Laughter and pre-show chatter echo off the walls of the stately old theater.  And then . . . the lights began to dim.  People scramble for their seats.  The noisy chatting of the crowd dies down to a silent hush.  And then, as if with the same breath, the spotlights glow to life and the dark, velvet curtain sweeps back.  The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived.

It’s showtime.

I have always loved the theater.  There is a special sort of magic that is almost electric when the moment you have been waiting for finally arrives– when all that hard work and excitement join together into one fabulous crescendo, leaving everyone excited and ready for more.

Today, it is my extreme pleasure to welcome you on a backstage “tour” of the maelstrom of hard work that has been cooking behind the scenes, here, at Cookies for England.  Running a blog is a lot like preparing for a play– there are many players that help everything to run smoothly, it is definitely a craft that must be practiced and practiced, and, perhaps most important– it is a LOT of hard work.  Each recipe that you read takes us hours of creative thinking, prep, cooking, photography, editing, and finally, writing, to bring to your living rooms.  But we are glad to do it, because it’s what we love.

For what seems like ages, now, we have been working on our very first e-book.  And for a small work, it’s incredible the amount of detail and work that goes into it.  Many, many hours have been spent getting this first little ball rolling for us, and as the launch date grows closer, we work more and more feverishly to tweak a recipe or touch up a photo just one more time.  As we get closer and closer, I will share little tidbits of knowledge with you– little behind the scenes peeks into what we have been up to . . . and what you have to look forward to when that curtain finally rises . . . and we unveil our masterpiece.

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