Meet the Neighbors with Sara Khan

Meet the Neighbors with Sara Khan

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Meet the Neighbors! 🙂  Today we are visiting with Sara Khan, who blogs over at Foodeez Junction.  Sara specializes in classic Indian recipes with her own unique twists in flavor and creation.  She is also incredibly sweet, incredibly prompt (thank you!), and an incredible cook!

You can find more of Sara’s delicious recipes on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and flipboard by searching “foodeez junction.”

What are we waiting for?  Let’s meet her!

Sara Khan

What is your name, and where are you located? (Hint: if you live in Hawaii, I am packing my bags as we speak 😉

Hey, I’m Sara. I stay in Gurgaon.

Tell us a little bit about yourself– what is the name of your blog, and how did you get started?

I’m a big-time foodie. When I’m not doing anything else, I like to eat, and still when I’m doing something, I like to munch 🙂 . I love to eat, cook, and share. So, I started my food blog– Foodeez Junction– in February, 2016. I was thinking a lot about starting something about which I could proudly say “it’s Mine,” and an encouraging push from my husband helped me to come up with my food blog. I have already started to work full time for my blog. Let’s hope for the best!

What is your favorite food? And what is your least favorite food?

It’s BIRYANI (An Indian mixed rice dish)! I cannot think to live without it. Least favourite?? I have to think!

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to cook?

First step – collect all the things on your kitchen platform.  Second step – don’t do anything else except cook the food; focus is important. And third, if you are new to cooking, do NOT experiment until you get a little more experience with it.

What keeps you going, every day? Who are your greatest cheerleaders/supporters?

It’s my Food Blog that keeps me going every day. Even if I’m not posting anything daily, I’ll be updating or doing the backend stuff. My greatest cheerleaders/supporters are, without any doubt, my husband and my mom. The best thing is my parents never knew I could cook so well!


Sara was kind enough to share with us her favorite recipe for Biryani.  Sara says:

Sara Khan

“So, here is the recipe of my favourite dish – Hyderabadi Biryani. Though it requires many many ingredients, once you make it you will know why I’m so much in love with this super-delicious cuisine.”

Sara, thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us, today!  I have never tried Biryani before, but after seeing how delicious it looks, I can’t wait to give your recipe a try! 🙂


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  1. Sara

    Oh Biryani is something you must try! It’s just heavenly 😀 Thank you Emilie to feature me here… This looks amazing!

    1. Emilie (Post author)

      I can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for being here with us today! 🙂

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