Macaron Lady

Macaron Lady

It was just a regular day when I got “the call.”

The call of the wild?  The call of the Canada goose?  What call?????  Don’t keep me in suspense here.

Macaron Lady

Well, to begin with, it was a surprising call.  I got a call from a local bakery, telling me that they had seen my blog and were looking for someone to make macarons for the bakery.  They really liked the way mine looked.  Was I interested?

Um . . . making macarons, my favorite obsession cookie in the world, and getting paid to do it?  YES please!

Macaron Lady

I was very nervous.  I made about 5 different kinds of sample macarons to take to the bakery for them to try.  I really was so nervous I almost can’t put it into words.  I think my entire body was trembling.  I am a self taught baker– I have never taken a French Macaron making class.  Everything I know is just from personal experience, learning, and trying again until I got it right.  What if I wasn’t good enough?  What if they didn’t like my macarons?

What if the sky fell and Chicken Little wasn’t around?

I mean, it was getting serious.

Macaron Lady

The owner of the bakery tried the different flavors.  I wasn’t sure what she thought.  She kept a poker face as she tried each one.  Then she looked up.  “These are just as good as the macarons from Paris,” she said.  “Can you start next week?”

Macaron Lady

I left the bakery smiling so big that I thought my smile would meet behind my head.  As you know, the macaron journey hasn’t always been an easy one.  I have probably made thousands of macarons over the years, many of them failures as I cursed this devilishly difficult little cookie and wondered if I would EVER get the hang of it.

Many people helped me along the way– my friends Nancy, Edith, and many others shared their experience and helped me to troubleshoot when I had problems.  No one conquers the mighty macaron alone.  And it’s only right to thank those who have shared their teaching, knowledge, and experience with me over the years.

I have tried my best to help those who are just starting to learn how to make macarons.  I have tried to share the things I have learned and let them know that even the most experienced macaron makers still mess up batches occasionally.  Don’t feel bad.  Just keep trying.  And remember that even the mistakes are delicious.

Macaron Lady

I don’t have all the answers.  My macarons are not perfect.  I don’t get them right every time.

But I truly do love them.  I love learning about them, making them, photographing them, looking at them, and of course, eating them.

Macaron Lady

Who wouldn’t love them?  Look at those sweet little things smiling up at you.  Aren’t they cute?

Macaron Lady

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity.  I will work hard.  I will hopefully make lots of macarons.  I hope that they make lots of people smile.

Macarons . . . you did it. And I’m just so proud of you.

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  1. Jo Ann McConnell

    This does not surprise me at all! You are one of the most talented disciplined people I know! May God bless this new endeavor❣️

    1. Emilie (Post author)

      You are the type of woman I strive to be– beautiful inside and out. Thank you <3

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