Piney Bed

Piney Bed


Oh come away with me my love–

Come away with me.

The night is fine, the moon is bright–

Let’s steal beneath the piney tree.

Piney Bed

I’ll cut some pine boughs for a piney bed

Beneath the piney tree.

I’ll place a quilt beneath your head,

Under the piney tree.

Piney Bed

Let me keep you warm and safe.

I’ll hold you close all through the night.

We’ll see the stars come, one by one.

I’ll tell you stories, hold you tight.

Piney Bed

The moon will smile above us there–

The trees will make it wink.

We’ll talk together all night long,

Until the sky is kissed with pink.

Piney Bed

Cuddle into that piney bed,

Together with me my treasured love.

The night is young, the wind is soft,

Bright stars forever in the skies above.

Piney Bed

Will we be young forever, my love?

Best friends forever and a day?

Will you stay with me all through the night,

Will you smile and chase my fears away?

Piney Bed

Will you be my true love even when

We have aged 100 years, and then,

Hold me ‘neath the piney tree

And talk to me all night again?



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  1. Brian

    Beautiful poem and great pictures.

    1. Emilie (Post author)

      Thank you PB <3

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