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There are some things in life that just make a normal day so much sweeter . . . finding a parking spot miraculously in front of the parking lot, discovering a pile of sale clothing and– Eureka!– the very last pair of jeans in your size marked down to $5.  How about receiving a call or letter from an old friend, out of the blue?  Getting a smile from a child?

These are the things from which riches are made.

Well . . . these, and a great friend.  And if this friend just so happens to be an amateur goddess, so much the better.  Did I mention that I have won the jackpot on that score? 

My neighbor, Jill Lang, is one of the coolest people you will ever meet.  Her talents are wide and varied . . . and not least among them is her incredible eye for food photography.  They say that “the best writers are first the best readers,” and if that is the case, I guess the fact that Jill is constantly buried under subscriptions to cooking magazines portends her artistic eye. 

She and I had newborns at just about the same time, several months back, and we amused ourselves, through those horrifying times of night that no one should have to see glowing on the clock . . . 1:45 . . . 3:59 . . . 5:01 . . . by chatting about cookies.

And so, in those wee small hours of the morning, she and I hatched a plan.  I loved to decorate cookies, and she loved to photograph them.  A killer hobby was born.  (Not literally killer.  We both are big hand-washers.  😉

Since I just recently started to blog, unfortunately, a lot of my previous work isn’t on here yet.  The more we do, the more I will try to give tutorials.  For now, though, I want to show you my creations through the incredible eye of Jill Lang.  Just sit back and enjoy.  It’s a real treat.  The photos of my cookies featured here are all her work.  And it’s awesome.

These are chocolate chip cookies from the other day.  You can read the tutorial about how to make them here, if you want to give them a shot (and you should).  Preferably a shot of milk.
Go ahead.  Have a cookie.  YUM!!!
Here is her shot of my Hawaiian golf shirts.  Yes.  The woman just “happened” to have a ukulele.  I told you.  She’s incredible.
Father’s Day silhouettes
Jill went to a butterfly museum, and we just had to try copying some of the butterflies in cookie form.  The longer you make cookies, the more often you find yourself “cookieing” people, places, cars . . . everything, in your mind.
I think these were my favorite pictures that she has ever done.  Superb shots of the bandana cookies.
Patriotic Fourth of July cookie shoot
I really loved these, too!  These were for a fancy tea . . . and I put a “J” on the cookies, because, let’s face it . . . what good is a cookie artist without a photo artist!  🙂
And these, my latest creation, were made for a “royal” birthday party.  I think these may be my favorite cookies I’ve done, so far. I look forward to a lifetime of learning and trying new techniques!
I look forward to sharing much more of Jill’s work with you, in the future.  In the meantime, you can find her blog, the Argyle Cottage, here.
It’s interesting, because, when people ask me who does these cookies, I say “Jill and me.”  They say, “Oh!  So you both bake.”  No.  I bake, and she photographs.  But to me, it is truly a team effort.  And I couldn’t do it without her!  Thanks Jill!

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