Cottage by the Sea

Cottage by the Sea

In a little tiny house

In a cottage by the sea,

You’ll find the roses growing.

The gardener will be me.

Cottage by the Sea

I’ll be the grandest lady

I’ll surely bet you that.

With soil on my gardening gloves

And roses on my hat.

Cottage by the Sea

When I see you coming

We’ll go in and have some tea.

We’ll sit there in the garden,

And talk– just you and me.

Cottage by the Sea


We’ll talk about the weather,

We’ll talk about the sun.

We’ll feel it on our faces,

And when our tea is done,

Cottage by the Sea

We’ll stand and take a walk–

A walk along the sea.

We’ll gather lots of seashells–

The sea, and you, and me.

Cottage by the Sea

The day all done, we’ll head back up

With sand between our toes.

The simplest meal when shared in love–

Most glorious repose.

Cottage by the Sea

We’ll listen to the waves

As they crash along the bend.

And tomorrow we’ll wake up

And do it all again.

Cottage by the Sea

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