Meet the Neighbors with Stephanie Sain

Meet the Neighbors with Stephanie Sain

It’s time for another “Meet the Neighbors” interview! 🙂  I love these things . . . I get to see gorgeous food, meet amazing food bloggers/photographers, and learn some new recipes.  Today I am very happy to introduce you to Stephanie Sain, the brain and creative power behind Apples for CJ, a blog which specializes in healthy, gluten free cooking. Gluten free cooking can be tricky, but I always love learning new ways to make gluten-free meals that look and taste delicious!

You can find Stephanie on her blog, here, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Yummly.

What are we waiting for?  Let’s meet Stephanie! 🙂

Meet the Neighbors with Stephanie Sain

What is your name, and where are you located? (Hint: if you live in Hawaii, I am packing my bags as we speak 😉

Hi, My name is Stephanie Sain, and I currently reside in Charlotte, NC and call it home.

Tell us a little bit about yourself– what is the name of your blog, and how did you get started?

The name of my blog is Apples for CJ. I started my blog mid September, 2015, and it was originally called Gluten Free Simply Made. I started the blog as a way to challenge myself to be more creative in the kitchen after switching to a Gluten Free Lifestyle. I voluntarily chose to go gluten-free when I realized I started feeling lot better when not consuming gluten. The name change came January 2016 after losing my cat, CJ, unexpectedly. She was a part of our family for thirteen years, and we had no idea she had heart disease. So the name Apples for CJ just seemed so fitting as I eat Apples every day as part of a healthy eating regimen.

What is your favorite food? And what is your least favorite food?

Apples of Course 🙂 My least favorite food is a tough one. I pretty much eat and love all fruits and vegetables since I’m vegetarian, as well, but I’d have to go with okra as being my least favorite. It thinks it’s the texture thing with that.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to cook?

Be experimental. It’s okay to have food failures. The only way you’re going to get better is to keep experimenting.

What keeps you going, every day? Who are your greatest cheerleaders/supporters?

My family, especially my husband who totally supports what I’m doing and helps me with the photography (still learning on that one). Also my readers. It makes me feel good when I know someone other than my family is reading my blog and actually making my recipes.


Meet the Neighbors with Stephanie Sain

Stephanie was kind enough to share this delicious recipe for Spicy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with us.  This recipe is an awesome way to cut both gluten and calories– and still have a delicious, comfort food dish to share with your family.  Stephanie says:

“This Spicy Crock Pot Cauliflower Mac & Cheese was inspired by my love for pasta, especially mac & cheese which I gave up when going gluten-free. It has also been one of my most viewed recipes since I started my blog.”

Stephanie, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you and learning more about your fabulous recipes.  We are hungry for more and can’t wait to see what you cook up next!  🙂  Thanks for spending time with us here on Cookies for England!

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