Meet the Neighbors with Jennifer Stewart

Welcome to another Meet the Neighbors feature! 🙂  Today I’m excited to introduce you to Jennifer Stewart who blogs over at Take Two Tapas.  Jennifer is a hard working wife and mother who specializes in making healthy, smaller portions for her family.  I really enjoyed meeting her, and I know that you will enjoy reading her blog as much as I did.

You can find Jennifer on her blog, as well as on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s meet her! 🙂

What is your name, and where are you located? (Hint: if you live in Hawaii, I am packing my bags as we speak 😉

Jennifer Stewart and living in Waycross, Georgia.

Tell us a little bit about yourself– what is the name of your blog, and how did you get started?

I am a wife and mother who started the food blog, Take Two Tapas. I started Take Two Tapas as a way to share recipes with my friends and family.

What is your favorite food? And what is your least favorite food?

My favorite food is pasta, but I can’t eat it now.  My least favorite food is mushrooms.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to cook?

Practice your knife skills and don’t be afraid to try different flavor combinations!

What keeps you going, every day? Who are your greatest cheerleaders/supporters?

My friends, my hubby who is very supportive of my dreams, and my kids who try everything I make and never want a second bite because they are too picky.

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer was kind enough to share with us her recipe for Pretzel Dessert Nachos.  I’ve always loved nachos, but I have never tried sweet nachos before.  A dish made with salty pretzels with her sweet and delicious topping sounds like a winner to me!  Jennifer says:

“I created this recipe because I love nachos, but after I eat them I want something sweet. My youngest son loves pretzels, so I wanted to create a sweet nachos recipe that would incorporate them. Using them as the chips was the easiest way to do that. Now you can have nachos for dessert!”

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer, it has been such a pleasure meeting you.  I can’t wait to try these delicious sweet and salty nachos!  Thanks so much for making time to chat with us!  We can’t wait for more delicious recipes! 🙂


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