And the Dish ran away with the Spoon

So here we are at last!  The final cookie for the “Hey Diddle Diddle” set!  We’ve come a long way!  You should be proud of yourself.  Good job!  Soon you’ll be making this whole set like a pro!

The final cookie that we are going to make is the Dish running away with the spoon. Some scholars believe that this part of the rhyme refers to an ancient Queen who ran away with her lover.  Who knows.  Either way, these are going to be fun to make!

What are we waiting for?  Let’s do this!

To make these cookies, I decided to use a small scalloped circle and small scalloped oval cutter.  I put them together and baked them so they would fuse as a single cookie.  No sense separating star-crossed lovers, eh?  Er . . . moon crossed lovers, I guess.  Plus– I thought it would be cuter if they were holding hands.  Everyone together . . . AWWWWW– so SWEET . . .
Now, flood the spoon with yellow or silver, depending on your preference.  Go ahead and add a few dots or embellishments on the plate, too, if you want. These will be gold leaf, later.  We might as well give our little dishes some flair.  🙂
This step isn’t totally necessary, but if you have the airbrush out, anyway, go ahead and give them a few little blush spots for cheeks.  Isn’t that adorable!!!
This brings me to an odd question.  I wonder which of these is the man and which is the woman.  I could say, well, the dish is the woman because she is fancier.  Or I could say . . . HECK no . . . the woman isn’t going to be the FAT one!  She’d never admit to being the FAT one!
Dear me. I better just give them generic faces and let the viewer decide. Haha.  (Yes, I thought way too long and hard about this.  ha.  Generic is the way to go!)  And YES– man or woman, they both have blushing cheeks, because it’s cute, and I like it.  And no matter what they say, men absolutely DO blush.  Yes, oh yes. Haha.
Add some details for faces, and that’s it!  🙂  Hope you enjoyed this fun collection– I know I did!


You did it.  And I’m just so proud of you!

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