Cute Hedgehog Cookies

Photo by Jill Lang
There is something just so cute about a little hedgehog.  From its little button nose to the adorable rounded figure, these little guys are hard not to love.  Recently I created a woodland collection of cookies, and, of course, I knew these little hedgehogs had to be part of the package!  And you can make them, too!
What are we waiting for?  Let’s do this!
Start out by getting your cookie cutters ready.  I don’t have a hedgehog cutter, so I made my own.  For my tutorial on how to make your own cookie cutters, click here.  I started by sketching out the drawing of what I wanted to make.  Then I traced the shape and made a cookie cutter.  Check out my tutorial above if you’d like to try your hand at making your own cutters– it’s so fun to get your shape exactly the way you want it– and you know that your cutter is the only one in existence like it! 🙂
Cut out your cute little hedgies (is that an abbreviation for “hedgehog?”  Because it should be! 🙂 and bake the cookies.  Let them cool and then begin the fun part– decorating them!
Outline the Hedgehog’s body in dark brown.
Flood with dark brown and allow to dry a little bit.
While you’re waiting, add his cute little button nose.
When the body and nose have dried for about 10 minutes, go ahead and flood the face– you can use either a tan icing, or a light gray.
Use some dark icing to add a little beady eye and a smile, if you want.
Use the same dark icing to add some back and forth lines for “fur” on the hedgie’s back.
If you want to get super creative, add some dark brown airbrushing to the edges and face.
Photo by Jill Lang

And there you have it!  A beautiful woodland cookie collection perfect for your next nature hike or picnic! 🙂 To see how to make these woodland moss cookies, check out my tutorial here.  And no matter what kinds of cute woodland creatures you make, they will be delicious!  🙂


You did it. And I’m just so proud of you!

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